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Birali Steiner School is located at Beachmere in the Moreton Bay Region of Queensland, Australia. The school is non-denominational, co-educational and currently offers classes Prep to Year Seven.

We now own 26 acres of land at Beachmere. We began construction late 2018 and fully relocated at the end of 2018. This expansive new land provides for our future development of the school as a whole, including our planned high school and pre-school facilities.


You can read more about our development

and plans for the new campus here.

Steiner Education for your child encompasses a holistic educational approach, which balances academic, artistic and practical learning experiences. These are founded on the principles of anthroposophy set forth by Rudolf Steiner and adapted for our changing world.

The Birali Steiner School is fully accredited with the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board for Prep to Class 7 in 2019, to Class 8 in 2020, Class 9  in 2021 and Class 10 in 2022. Our school is a member of both Independent Schools Queensland and Steiner Education Australia.


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Rudolf Steiner lived from 1861-1925.

The Austrian Philosopher was one of history’s most original thinkers, founding Bio-Dynamic Agriculture, Anthroposophical Medicine as well as Waldorf/Steiner Education


 Birali Staff

Chris Jack

Chris has been associated with Steiner Education for 25 years. He trained at Emerson College and Michael Hill School in the U.K. before returning to Australia in 1991 to take the founding class at the Samford Valley Steiner School. In 2014 he became Principal at the Birali Steiner School.  Chris is currently Chair of Steiner Education Australia.

Luke Deacon
Class 4&5 Teacher

Luke started teaching at BSS in term 4 2014.

 and was excited to be teaching Class 1 in 2016.

He originally studied as a visual artist and found education a fantastic way to weave his skills for creativity, drama, music and the arts to engage and inspire children. He started teaching 15 years ago in Japan and has taught in various schools in many countries around the world, including Steiner and other holistic education based schools. He has a passion for Steiner education and is excited to be sharing a journey of learning and growth at a vibrant, blossoming school with a fantastic teaching team, beautiful students and such a supportive community of parents.

Chloe Ann Francis
Class 6/7/8 Teacher
Middle/Primary School Coordinator

Chloe Ann became interested in Steiner education as a high school student when she began volunteering her time in a Steiner Primary school in Adelaide, South Australia. She gained invaluable experience as a teacher’s aide throughout her time at university. Chloe Ann studied for two years at Sheoak College, graduating with a Certificate in Steiner Education. Chloe Ann is experienced teaching in a whole class environment, as well as working independently with special needs students.

With interests in sketching, violin, guitar, ukulele and recorder, Chloe Ann is passionate about fostering creative learning through music and the arts.

Lisa Cashion
Class 2/3 Teacher
Éva Robinson
Class 1 Teacher

Details to come

Over the course of Éva’s employment, field experiences and studies. Éva has gained an array of skills and knowledge in different teaching settings. These experiences have provided her with the opportunity to develop, refine and strengthen her skills in many different areas of teaching in order to establish a supportive and inclusive learning environment and to promote life-long learning. 

Throughout the duration of her teaching career, she has established herself as a capable , intuitive and enthusiastic teacher who will encourage students to find their individual strengths and create new and exciting learning paths.  Éva has spent most of her time teaching in Steiner/Waldorf schools; allowing her to develop a deep understanding of Steiner’s education philosophy and pedagogy.  She has also spent time teaching in an international school in Indonesia and has practiced other pedagogies including Neo-humanism and Montessori. Her experiences introduced her to a passion and drive to learn and strive to be part of delivering children an education based on Anthroposophy and alternative philosophies like this to our future generations, with the most important focus being that our content is engaging and inspiring.                                                                   Éva’s hobbies and interests include playing music, singing, acting, theatre, art, reading, travel, culture, history and her small dog, Toma.





Becci Soutar
Early Childhood Teacher

Becci is a passionate Early Childhood Educator who has a long association with Steiner Education; first as a primary student and then after teaching in remote WA was able to start her Steiner Teaching Journey wit 4 years teaching at West Coast Steiner (WA) and 3 years teaching at Melbourne Ruldolf Steiner School (VIC).  She has completed the Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy (WA) and, in 2014, completed her Masters of Education in Leadership.


Becci highly values Play-Based Learning both in the inside and outside learning environments. Becci joined the Birali Steiner School in 2016 as the Foundation Early Childhood Teacher and created a beautiful, warm and loving space for each child as they start their educational journey at BSS .

Megan Allison
Early Childhood Teacher Aide

Details to Come

Details to Come

Megan was very excited to be start her  position at BSS as Foundation Assistant, alongside Becci in term 1, 2017.

She currently holds a Diploma in Community Services (Welfare), Certificate 111 in Children's Services and is currently studying towarda a Certificate 111 in Education Support. She has 10 years experience working in Preschools and Long Day care. She has also spent the last 3 years running her own Family Day Care business. Megan is very passionate about learning through play and developing a child's relationship with the natural world.

Antonia Forstpointner
Specialist Support Teacher 
Shani Berriman 
Individual Enrichment Teacher Aide
Lily Love
Playgroup Leader and Library Assistant
Maetreyii Deacon

Maetreyii is originally from Japan and is trained in classical piano and traditional Japanese singing, Shigin. Maetreyii shares her angelic voice and piano with students as she guides  them through Japanese, singing and instrumental skills. She has a Graduate Diploma of Early Childhood Education and has previously worked in Kindergarten and Childcare.  Maetreyii has also volunteered at River School Early Years Child Care.   Outside of school time she performs music at various events that connects the Love that lies deeply within through mantra, kiirtan, meditative, and devotional songs.

Jenny Treacy
Wellbeing Officer
Diane Broder
Administration & Enrolments
Penny Nelson
Finance Officer
Torie Meggitt
HR Officer/Teacher Aide

Diane has always had a passion and curiosity for learning and exploring. This has led her from working in London and travelling around Europe to do a Yoga Teacher training course in Los Angeles.  From here she taught Yoga and worked full-time in Sydney and then went onto Christchurch, New Zealand.   The earthquakes returned her to Australia and since working at the school she has had the opportunity to immerse herself in Steiner Education.

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